Better Get the Rock

So, I wanted to post this today, but also wanted to use O-Deck again and test out and see if I can get folks who have been following me on io9 over here. By using O Deck, I also get a little more room to breathe and try a longer than normal post.

You finished watching that?

So, why did I post that? Well, to show that the initial attacks around Gunn were as disingenuous as me saying that I’m really the king of Spain. You see, that sketch was from last year, and you know what? Not a peep out of the right. No one getting riled up by a social media campaign on the left. Not a single DC fan asking for Dwayne Johnson to be taken off any projects. Practically nothing.


Why is that? Probably because Dwayne hasn’t been butting heads with crazy neo Nazis online. Even though humor is inherently subjective, I’ll be the first to admit that some jokes are just bad, and Gunn’s were pretty bad. They fall flatter than a dead possum on the highway. However, it wasn’t about the jokes not being funny that pissed off so many people. No, we keep hearing it was the content. “Won’t someone think of the children?” “Pedophile jokes are NEVER funny.” and on and on. That’s the line you never cross, and if you cross it, all bets are fucking off.

“Won’t someone think of the children?” Sure, OK. Let’s see these people actually do something that helps a kid for a change, eh? The real myth is that most of the people who play the pearl-clutching game give two tugs of a dead dog’s cock about the contents of a tweet or email - they’re generally just out to put someone on the spot and hope they ( or someone above them) folds like a cheap card table.


Now, I’m not saying there aren’t any people genuinely offended by what Gunn tweeted out. Hell, there were more than a few people not happy with that sketch when it first aired. What I am saying is that there were plenty of people who never would have gotten angry, organized, and gone to war were it not for the campaign drummed up by the fine folks on the far right. Nothing was gained by doing that to the Rock, after all. There was a bit of a conversation here and there about this sketch, but no one calling for his head on a platter.

Does that completely discount anger of Gunn’s attackers? Of course not, but it does force us to take the origins of the anger into consideration when we look at the situation as a whole. It helps us gauge our response. What’s appropriate? What isn’t? You see, we love to get angry online. It’s the easiest emotion to affect in people through social media. It’s not hard to manipulate people into getting angry over this sort of thing and setting them loose.


So, I guess that’s a roundabout way of me saying, you better go get the Rock.

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