Burninatin' the Countryside

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I... what? A what now? A Trogdor boardgame? For real? Like, this is a thing? Alright then, I can get get behind this.


So, probably the earliest “must visit” interwebs site on the nettube for me was Homestar Runner. It started to become pretty popular not long after I had moved out and started college (for the first time sigh), so it hit at just the right time for me. Heck, my younger brothor even had a Tragdar birfday cake around 2001 or so.

For the two of you that don’t know who or what Homestar is or is, he’s the star of series of web cartoons that run the gamut from purely comedic to just downright bizarre and almost David Lynchian in how surreal they could get. It’s just great, and anyone who hasn’t seen any of the cartoons should definitely go check it out. Right now. Go over to the YouTube even and watch some.


Back? Ok, cool. So, the creators (the Brothers Chaps) would eventually go on to work on a host of projects like Yo Gabba Gabba, Aqua Bats! Super Show!, Gravity Falls, and a few video games like Poker Night at the Inventory. So, good stuff overall. Well, one of the more memetastic creations they came up with over there happened in episode 58 of Strong Bad Email series.

Well, the site was cancelled/put on hiatus starting in 2011, but the occasional update will happen even to this day. Making sure to strike while the iron is hot, the Brothers Chaps have decided to launch a Kickstarter in order produce a board game based on the majesty that is Trogdor, the Burninator. Truly, a wondrous time to be alive. Well, aside from everything else that’s going on right now, but hey, Trogdor game.


It looks... pretty cute and fun, but also strange and weird, which is what I would expect from a game based off of a character from Homestar Runner. In the game YOU are the Trogdor! You, and up to 5 other friends if you have any of those guys lying around, guide Trogdor around the countryside as he attempts to burninate all the peasants and thatched roof cottages alive. Cottages are alive, right?

According to the KS, play time should average around 30-45 minutes, which isn’t too bad for a board game. Marshy knows that I’ve played plenty of games that take 4-6 hours over the past decade. That’s the kind of commitment I can only make to a very special lady, or maybe a really cool talking dog or something where we go on adventures around the country solving crimes and standing next to each other back to back with our fists/paws reaching to the sky. You know, normal stuff.


There’s the usual tiers you would expect. A regular tier. A deluxe tier. There’s even a couple of tiers where you can get these righteous looking wooden boards by Wyrmwood. They are so cool, and so expensive, and I cannot get one. I’ll be crying some tears over those tiers.

I kind of get the feeling the Brothars Chappies weren’t expecting the KS to do this well, as they have had their initial stretch goals just smashed. Like, imagine a bus driving through a flaming brick wall, and that’s how smashed these goals are right now. So, we’ll be waiting to see what they come up with. Just hope it’s nothing too crazy that janks up the production too much. Seen too many Kickstarters over promise because of all the scratch they had coming in and just run into nothing but endless delays.

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