Congratulations to IdeasOfFireAndIce and Wait, What Now?

As some of you may know, I am a bit of a fan of the IdeasofFireAndIce channel on YouTube. Lots of good info on various book, film, and TV series there combined with goofy and downright intense readings from Sci Fi and fantasy books. Well, the creator Quinn recently decided to post a picture of himself showing off his shiny new award for hitting 100,000 subscribers. I like the guy’s stuff, so it was nice to see.

Well... Apparently a large number of his subscribers suddenly found out that he’s black. This blew some minds, apparently? He’s released a video talking about some of the comments he had received, and his thoughts on them that’s worth a watch.

Sadly, this is still one of those things I see pop up on a pretty regular basis with fellow nerds, gamers, or whatever whenever they find out someone is into Star Wars or Magic or whatever and isn’t a white dude. That sort of mind blown reaction that always makes me shake my head. I always hope that we’re doing better and getting past stuff like this, but then someone goes and says something ridiculous or dumb.


Still, go check out his channel. It’s not for everyone I’ll admit (the readings are kind of EXTREME at times), but I enjoy them and Quinn puts a lot of effort into his stuff.

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