Defunctland: The Life and History of Jim Henson

For those of you who don’t follow Defunctland the best way I could describe the YouTube channel run by Kevin Perjurer is one dedicated to chronicling the history of theme park and theme park attractions that have been shut down or revamped to the point of no longer being what they originally were. It has become one of my favorite channels on YouTube because of both the subjects covered and the effort and care Perjurer and his associates put in to each video. Maybe the subject matter covered wouldn’t interest everyone, but I find it a fascinating and lovely part of our history.

The channel has also branched out over time and covered things like theme park urban legends and cancelled children’s programming. Two months ago Perjurer started a new series that ended up covering one of the greatest creative minds to work in film and television, Jim Henson. To say I looked forward to Perjurer and his partners covering Henson would be an understatement. Sure, we’ve seen plenty of documentaries and books on the man, but I wanted to see Defunctland cover him with the same care and dedication that had been done with things like Jaws: The Ride and Captain EO.


I wasn’t disappointed. So now that the entire series is wrapped up and done I thought I would post it all together for anyone curious about the life and all too early death of one of the most gifted, hardest working, and downright most optimistic humans I’ve ever seen walk this earth. So, grab a drink and a bite to eat, along with a few tissues and enjoy.

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