Are you ready to rock? I know I sure as hell am! I love the Rock and/or Roll, board games, and to have fun on the occasion. CHOPS - The Rock and Roll Board Game looks like it’ll combine all three of those things into one neat little package. Now in its last 48 hours, CHOPS has already been more than funded, but still has some pretty fun stretch goals to go.

Some of the most fun I’ve had with my friends over the years came from playing a game called Battle of the Bands. It was great. It was funny, had some nice rules to it, and had a nice flow to how everything played out. Really, the only problem I had with it was that there wasn’t, well, more. It always felt like it could have been bigger and expanded upon in some ways. CHOPS looks like it’ll take what I enjoyed about Battle of the Bands so much, and amp it up to 11.

In CHOPS you and the other players must compete at signing band members, picking up better instruments, and getting gigs. All while doing this, you may have to pawn some instruments for quick cash, see a band member become demoralized and leave, or even have some pyrotechnics go bad at a gig. In the end, you’re trying to get the most “buzz,” with whoever has the most at the end of the game being crowned the winner.

The rules look like they play fast and fun, with enough complexity to keep someone like me coming back for more. The art also just looks fantastic, with a real nice and unique look to the whole game. I always love a game that stands out in terms of design and feel, and CHOPS looks like it delivers in those areas for me.

I mean, look at these guys. They look wonderful!


What is that? Is that a robot up there? Is that some guy stomping a gnome? Is that Snake Plisskin on the drums? What? That’s just great.

Here’s a pretty lengthy breakdown of the gameplay and rules, which is what pushed me over the edge to grab an early bird.

Really can’t wait to get my mitts on this game in October. Fuck... October is going to be a busy month for learning new games.