Halloween Fest: Moviegeddon Part 2

This post doesn’t exactly start with a bang. First on the docket we have...

Movie 6 - Long Weekend

This one was more annoying than anything. It’s your typical “man versus nature because man pissed off nature” movie that was popular in the 70's. This seems to have come out at the tail end of the Ozploitation flicks of the 70's, so it has the twist of “man versus nature” actually taking place in the outback. That’s kind of neat. You have a married couple who go out into nature, fuck around a bit, and then cause themselves some trouble. The problem is that the couple is made up of some of the most miserable and unlikable wretches I’ve seen in awhile, and I just kept waiting for the both of them to die.


Movie 7 - Robo Vampire 2: Devil’s Dynamite

I’ll admit, I kind of tuned out on this one. I saw the cover featuring a crazy Chinese Robocop knockoff fighting Chinese vampires and was sold. Most of the movie is actually pretty boring with the occasional action scene and bad comedy though. Basically, a crime boss hires a monk to make some vampires to protect her from a cop. That should be a recipe for excitement, but it really isn’t. Here’s a protip for all schlock filmmakers out there. If your cover features Chinese Robocop knockoff fighting Chinese Vampires, don’t wait until the last 9 minutes for that to actually happen.


Movie 8 -Killer Klowns From Outer Space

Seriously, if you’ve never seen this, do yourself a favor and watch it now. Right now. Go out, pull up Hulu or whatever, and watch this bad boy. I never get tired of this great little throwback to 50's alien invasion movies, and make sure to watch it every October. It’s got some genuinely creepy moments with solid laughs peppered throughout the film. Definitely one of my usual suspects when I’m in the mood to watch a horror/comedy flick.


Movie 9 - Ghostbusters 1984

This one has become something special to me over the years. It’s virtually perfect in every way, and I’ve used it to keep my mind off things when shit goes tits up in life. I remember watching it every night when my wife and first born daughter were both in the hospital because of how bad the delivery went, and for that 105 minutes I was able to relax and just focus on the movie. I’ve always loved this movie, but it’s taken on a more important meaning to me as something I can always count to help me feel a little better when times get bad. I can’t imagine anyone on here hasn’t seen this one yet.


Movie 10 - The Flatwoods Monsters

Sadly, this wasn’t as good as the Mothman documentary Small Town Monsters put out. I suppose that’s mostly because there is just not much to work with in comparison. Still, it’s a decent little documentary on a paranormal creature that a lot of people still don’t really know about. I’ve always enjoyed spooky creatures and a good story, and the south seems to have a knack with generating both in equal measure.


That’s it for now. Continued in part 3!

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