Halloween Fest: Moviegeddon Part 3

This grouping of movies had an overall stronger showing than the last one.

This first one isn’t a “movie” movie, but is something someone recommended I check out, so I gave it a whirl.


“Movie” 11- No Through Road

This was yet another cheaply made series of found footage horror short that was put up on YouTube. It’s about a group of youths who go out for a ride, and end up in a Groundhog Day-esque time loop. It’s not terrible, and I enjoy the “twist” towards the end of the final episode. Basically, it feels like it would fit right in on an episode of the Twilight Zone. It’s short, so worth a look.


Movie 12 - Hell House LLC

I swear, I didn’t intend for these movies to have some sort of found footage theme going on. I normally really dislike found footage stuff, but I’m always willing to give it a try if I hear good things about it. This one was a nice little surprise, actually. I hadn’t heard about it and just pulled it up on Prime a year or so ago and really dug it. It’s rare to see a horror movie (especially found footage) not rely on jump scares and characters you are actively rooting against. It’s got a solid slow build, good scares, likable characters, and an ending that doesn’t answer all your questions. Good stuff.


Movie 13 - Devil’s Express AKA Gang Wars

Not as exciting as it could have been, but a pretty fun movie. Martial arts meets blaxploitation meets horror with loads of cheese to spare. You get to see some guys accost a random waitress in a bar who happens to be (and I’m quoting a character here) “a fine sister who is a karate expert.” They learn a painful lesson. It had all the right parts to be an amazing cult classic, but there’s just too many boring montages of nothing happening to really get it over that hurdle.


Movie 14 - Nightmare City

Those Italians should stick to making pasta.

Movie 15 - Lifeforce

I hadn’t seen this one since the mid 90's, and I gotta admit that it’s better than I remembered it being. Not a bad little sci-fi horror movie, really. I remember it being a disjointed mess, but it’s actually a solid little flick. Really dig the apocalyptic London at the end especially. It’s a shame this didn’t do better in theaters.

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