Halloween Fest: Moviegeddon Part 5

This was a damn fine set of movies to go through.

Movie 21 - The Nightmare Before Christmas

I got to watch this with the baby a bit before she nodded off, and she really seemed to get a kick out of Jack whenever he was on screen. It also finally clicked with me. This is about a guy getting into a rut and having a midlife crisis to try and shake things up a bit. Then, he realizes he just should have been happy with what he already had waiting for him at home. I never really got that until now.


Movie 22 - Sleepaway Camp

This is just a really well written mystery slasher flick. I’m always surprised at how decent the acting is from so many of the young actors and actresses. Felissa Rose especially does a great job at coming off as creepy and helpless at the same time. She has this Shelly Duvall in The Shining kind of vibe to her face at times.


Movie 23 - Sleepaway Camp 2: Unhappy Campers

Slightly NSFW trailer. Definitely a very different beast than the first one, but still a fun watch. It’s great seeing slasher movies-as-morality-plays just go whole hog with the idea of someone killing people for “being bad.” Plus, Pamela Springteen (the boss’ sister) does a great job at making Angela both kind of lovable and fucked up and scary at the same time. My favorite line from the movie is still “while he was there, the doctor’s gave him a sex change, and our parent’s taxes paid for it!” Like... That’s the worst part about the killer, apparently. heh


Movie 24 - Sleepaway Camp 3: Teenage Wasteland

What else would I watch after the first two Sleepaway Camps? Not as good as 2 or 1, but still a fun little movie that does a good job at finishing out the trilogy. Has some good deaths and a (sort of) happy ending for our survivors.


Movie 25 - Night of the Comet

Just such a fun apocalyptic movie that manages to squeeze in so many 80's tropes in about 90 minutes. Plus, you have the Halley’s Comet craze of the mid 80's to have fun with. I have no idea why Robert Beltran doesn’t like to talk about this one must now. It’s fun, creepy at times, and has a good heart to it. After having rewatched this with my oldest, I’m genuinely torn about the idea of a remake. Originally, I wasn’t opposed to it in the slightest, but Comet is a genuinely good movie. Not just a good/bad one.

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