Spooktober: Week 2

Soooo much garbage this week. All I can say is thank god for Sam Rami and Dario Argento. Were it not for those two talented bastards I would have probably drank myself to death.

Movie 7: Evil Dead (1981): I only watch the original every now and then and I think that helps preserve its impact that much more. This came out the same year as The Prowler, My Bloody Valentine, and The Burning and it’s stood the test of time far better than those other horror movies on about a third of the budget. It’s amazing how stylish and downright creepy it still is after all these years by a director barely into his 20's.

Movie 8: The Dark: This one was just plain weird and it’s pretty obvious why. It’s an alien killer horror movie where the monster stalks the streets of LA killing random people by decapitating them. Oh, and Dick Clark produced this thing. That Dick Clark. Horror meister, Dick Clark. Apparently this was originally supposed to be a simple zombie movie but this got changed part way through production. They already had the zombie costume and all, so they just filmed the rest of the movie, added some bad laser eyes, and called it a day.

Spooktober: Movie 9: Inferno: This one was a treat. Just a great atmospheric horror movie with an amazing soundtrack and some very dream-like lighting effects. While Suspiria is probably scarier than Inferno, I have to rank this one just a big higher because of how beautiful it is to watch and listen to.

Movies 10: Huluween Shorts: Ended up watching all of the Huluween 2019 shorts last night and they ran the gamut from a little below average to a fun watch. Ride here was probably my favorite with The Ripper being the weakest. Ride is kind of a spin class/weirdo death cult thing? Undo, the time travel story, was a nice watch as well. All in all, not a bad way to spend about 45 minutes.

Movie 11: The Dead Pit: From the famed director of The Lawnmower Man! heh This was an alright watch. Decent gore and the main actress’ outfit getting increasingly skimpy over the course of the movie. According to the commentary that was her decision because she didn’t like how the hospital gown made her look heavy or something. Each day on set she would cut it down more and more until she was basically wearing a bikini. Alright, then... It starts out as a mad scientist/slasher movie that eventually goes off the rails and turns into zombies who are hurt by holy water. Weird wild stuff.

Movie 12: Slumber Party Massacre 2: This is an odd one. It’s nowhere near as good as the first movie but is just so damn weird. You’ve got Crystal Bernard running around as your typical 80's scream queen, a dream killer with a drill guitar, and a bizarro ending. I can’t say it’s good but it was certainly interesting at times.

Movie 13: Frightmare (1983): A bunch of film nerds steal the corpse of a Bela Lugosi expy and undead violence ensue. This one was a very poorly made film with plenty of shots of crew and some bad editing in spots. Still, Ferdy Mayne hams it up the entire time and it features the big screen debut of a young looking Jeffrey Combs. Besides that it’s kind of boring with not the best kills for an early 80's horror movie.

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