There Can BE Only One!

Remember Highlander? You know, that movie that came out in 1986 and was pretty frickin’ sweet? The one that thankfully didn’t get any increasingly pointless sequels that ruined the entire point of the movie? Wasn’t that pretty great? Lord knows I really enjoy it, and I even got to share it with my oldest the other week, who also really got a kick out of it.

It had everything. Action, romance, memorable characters... Queen. What’s not to love, right? Hell, it even had the Fabulous Freebirds in it. How many movies can lay claim to that honor? It’s great.

You know what would be awesome? Oh, if there were a game that let you play as an immortal. You make your way throughout the ages, gathering resources, allies, power, encountering and fighting other immortals, and preparing for the Gathering. The time when the last few immortals will duke it out in NYC, because in the end, there can be only one.


Oh hey, what do you know? It looks like River Horse had that exact idea and decided to fund it through Kickstarter. Focusing solely on the first movie, it features all new material and immortals with Graham McNeill, Alessio Cavatore, and Jack Caesar working on the game and fluff.

Based off a few videos of gameplay I’ve seen, it looks like fun and fast paced competitive board game with easy to pick up rules. The players each pick an immortal, start in the ancient world, then slowly make their way through the centuries to NYC in 1986, where they must use whatever resources they’ve gathered to help them win the contest. Along the way, players may fight, or even kill each other, weeding out possible opponents for the Gathering.

The components themselves have a nice look to them, with the miniatures for the multiple immortals being a real standout. They’ve even made sure to have multiple takes on the same characters throughout history. Wanna play Ramirez as we saw him during his training of Connor? Sure. Wanna play him during his days in ancient Egypt? Yeah, they got that, too.


It even has a pretty damn low buy in, coming in at only $39 for a copy with all stretch goals. That’s... pretty damn reasonable, actually. I gotta admit, it’s nice to see something new for Highlander that isn’t outright terrible.

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