Well, God Damn!

I know this has been making the rounds the past few days, but I didn’t see anyone post it on here yet, so I thought I would show folks one of the reasons why Dragon Con is the best con out there.

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In case anyone is wondering, Tazra Rose (BBQ Becky up there) made sure to get permission before showing up at the shoot.

Here’s a little article on the photo shoot.


“However, in a recent interview with Big Shiny Robot, Rose explained that it was a friend’s idea for her to go to the photoshoot dressed as BBQ Becky. Her friend had had gotten permission from the Black Geeks of Dragon Con to have Rose show up to the event in her BBQ gear, and they waited off to the side until it was ok for her to step in.”

Dammit... I miss going to Dragon Con. Maybe next year.

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