What Does Jodie Whittaker Taste Like?

Turns out it’s raspberry!

I have developed a new obsession recently, and that is watching candy being made by the folks at Lofty Pursuits. I’ve always just loved watching things being made. It doesn’t matter what those things are, either. Gas cans. Cars. Clocks. Gloves. Whatever. So long as I get to see how something is made with some nice background music and a calm narrator explaining everything to me, I’m a happy camper. The Lofty Pursuits channel recently popped up on list of recommended videos, and my family has been watching their various videos together over the past few days.


Greg, the owner of the shop, is also a pretty big geek and it’s great listening to him go on about the history of female Time Lords in Doctor Who while he makes his candy. He’s also got another fun video to watch where he makes a T.A.R.D.I.S. candy and talks about a fun experience he had where he got to play the Doctor Who RPG with Ian Marter and Richard Franklin at a Con in the 80's.

Good stuff there.

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